Acne Scars

Pimple marks and scars can be left behind after inflammation of pimples. Red and brown marks tend to improve with time but the recovery can be hastened by skin lightening creams and chemical peels. Pimple scars can be protruding or depressed. Protuding scars include hypertrophic scars and keloids. They can be flattened by steroid injections into the scar tissue. Depressed scars can be improved by a variety of treatment options, including micro-peel laser and chemical peels for superficial scars, punch excision for pitted scars, subcision to loosen the skin fibres that tie the depressed scar down, and fractional carbon dioxide laser for controlled resurfacing of deeper scars. All these treatment options are specially provided by our practice, including the Smartxide DOT Fractional CO2 laser device, the leader in a new generation of fractional laser systems.

Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light permanent hair removal is available at Skin Physicians.


Besides a mole check, we offer removal of moles for cosmetic purposes. This includes surgical excision and CO2 laser ablation.


Freckles, solar lentigines, melasma, and Hori’s naevi are common pigmentation affecting the face. They are due to genetic or hormonal factors, and are brought on or aggravated by sun-exposure. At Skin Physicians, we are proud to offer technological advanced laser and light systems for the treatment of facial pigmentation. They include the highly acclaimed Ellipse™ IPL system and the Medlite™ C6 laser.

Skin Aging & Wrinkles

With age, the amount of collagen, elastic fibres and fat recede and our skin loses its fullness; fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging begin to appear. To slow the signs of aging, lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation and sun-protection are paramount.  A comprehensive range of treatments are available at Skin Physicians for skin rejuvenation. They include intense pulse light therapy, laser skin toning, fractionated CO2 resurfacing, dermal fillers, Botox and chemical peels.

Tattoo Removal

We provide laser removal of professional and amateur tattoos. Laser removal is the safest technique in removing tattoos. Using state-of-art laser system (Medlite™ C6 laser), black, blue and red tattoos can be removed with significant results.

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